Onyva Services

Welcome to on’y va concepts online. We are a Human resources and public relations company with a passion for excellence. Our services also include Events management and consultancy.

The company fosters an enabling environment for development which is depicted in our style and goal eventually when achieved.

We encourage you to be at the receiving end of our magnificent services.
Our name :- On’y va translated in English “lets go” says it all.

On’y va Communications

We set the stage for you to deliver your message to the right audience.

We understand the importance of effective PR. As such our efforts are not just PR for PR sake, but are geared towards effective communication to the target audience.

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On’y va Recruitment

Finding the right people for your organization can be a daunting task for many organizations.

At On’yva Concepts, we Ensure that we go the extra mile to find you quality personnel to suit your HR and Personnel needs.

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On’y va Facility Managers

Any successful event can not be achieved with out proper planning. Proper planning is the most difficult part of events management.

Most people are fast to undermine the duties and the contributions of events managers because of how easy the process seems.

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