About Us

Onyva Concepts is an Events Management Team Driven with a passion for excellence. We truly are a company with a global outlook.

Our Focus is the complete provision of services in the areas of  human resources , public relations and events management . With us you can be rest assured that your job is successfully done.

From humble beginnings, we have grown over the years to become a force to be reckoned with in the Human Resource ,Public Relations industry and Events Management industry.

We are more than Just another HR/PR firm. We are an Institution committed to excellence.

At On’yva Concepts, we are not just committed to delivering our promise to you, we are fully committed to surpassing your expectations.

Our Team

Our team of professionals consists of People from each of the core fields of our competencies. We firmly believe in equipping ourselves with the right workforce.

What we can Do For You!

  • Events Management         
  • HR Management
  • Public Relations

At On’yva Concepts , we take the extra effort to ensure that we dot every i and cross our it’s. The result is excellent professional service in every of areas of specialization. Still in doubt?